14”x12” – Quick Release™ System (QRS) – Rod Risers

  • Ffp Beauty Picture Rod Riser 14x12
  • Quick Release System Rod Riser
  • Quick Release System Rod Riser
  • Quick Release System Rod Riser
  • Quick Release System Rod Riser
  • Quick Release System Rod Riser
  • Quick Release System Rod Riser

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14”x12” – Quick Release™ System (QRS) – Rod Risers


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  • Designed to Give Clearance for Rod Lockers
  • Fits All Major Rod Holders Such as: Scotty, Folbe, Cabelas, Cannon, FishOn and Attwood Rod Holders.
  • Works With All Rod Mounts, Gunnel Slides or Can Be Flush Mounted to Any Flat Surface
  • Includes Quick Release™ Base
  • All Hardware Included for Quick Release™ Base and Rod Holder
  • Works Perfect With the Fish Fighter Sliding Rail System
  • Powder Coated Black Finish With Machined Accents
  • 7 Sizes to Choose From
  • Made in USA
  • Made From High Strength Marine Grade Aluminum


Quick Release™ System (QRS) – Rod Risers

Our Fish Fighter® Series of Quick Release™ System (QRS) – Rod Risers were designed with the help of our Pro Staffers, Austin Moser and Cody Herman. These guys fish several hundred days a year. They know what works and what will hold up, day after day of fishing. All our FFP Pro-Staffers want to have total control of fishing rod placement on their boat.


Increase Trolling Width with Staggered Rod Riser Heights

Fishing guides also want to be able to stagger rod heights and rod widths when trolling to help increase the spread of our gear. Personally, I wanted my fishing rod extenders to get the rods further out to the side of my boat. By having extended rod holders, I can move the rods out, and in a sense, widen my boat. By moving the rod holders out, you also don’t have rod butts sticking out in the boat that get in the way when fighting a fish.  This next iteration of these rod holders allows the clearance for gunnel rod lockers, so you do not need to remove the rod riser to access the rod lockers.

This Fish Fighter® Quick Release™ 14×12 Rod Riser  Extends Up 14” and out 12”

Quick Release™ System Rod Risers – Made for Hardcore Fishermen

We make the Fishing Rod Risers  from high strength marine grade aluminum that we machine and powder coat right here at our facility. Each of our Quick Release™ System Rod Risers include all the mounting hardware you need for an easy install.

Quick Release™ System – A System You Can Count on

We also include our exclusive Quick Release™ System Base which will allow you to easily remove your Quick Release™ System Rod Riser, by simply pulling out on our locking pin. With our Custom Locking Pin, there’s no thumb screws that loosen up and let your rod holder fall out of the boat. This is a positive locking system that you can count on. By using our Quick Release™ System Base, you can also quickly remove your rod riser when netting a fish. When you store your boat, or when you trailer home, just pull the plunger and remove the Riser, “It’s That Easy”.

Easily Customize Your Boat

Not only does the Quick Release™ System Base make it easy to remove the Rod Riser, but you can also use it with a bunch of our other products. Imagine quickly removing the Quick Release™ System Rod Riser and replacing it with our Fillet Table, Adjustable Fender Lock, or our any of our other Quick Release™ System Accessories.

Whether you call it a Fishing Rod Riser or a Fishing Rod Extender, you are getting an American-made product that was designed to last for generations. Like all Fish Fighter® Products,  this one also comes with our 30-day money back guarantee.

What’s Included:

  • Quick Release™ System 14×12 Rod Riser
  • Quick Release™ System Base
  • (4) Stainless ¼” x 1.25 Screws with lock nuts used to secure your rod holder to riser
  • (4) Stainless ¼” x 1.5 Screw used to mount Quick Release™ System Base


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