Alumaweld® 1×2 Tray Rail Slider

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Alumaweld® 1×2 Tray Rail Slider


  • Ships in 2 days!
  • Alumaweld ® Direct Replacement Product
  • Fits Alumaweld® 1” x 2” Lower Rubber Gunnel Tray Railing
  • (4) Screws for Rail Holders
  • (4) Mounting Screws for Rod Holders
  • Predrilled and Threaded to accept all Major Fish Rod Holders
  • Made from Marine Grade Aluminum
  • Powder Coated Black Finish
  • Made in The USA


This Sliding Rail Mount is designed to fit the Lower Rubber Gunnel Tray Rail on all Alumaweld® open boats. The Alumaweld® Gunnel Tray Slider will also work with any other boats that use a Rubber Gunnel Railing System that measure 1″ Wide x 2″ Tall. This mount is made from Marine Grade Aluminum and has a Black Powder Coated Finish. This Sliding Rail Mount has 4 mounting holes that will accept, Folbe®, Scotty®, Cannon®, Fish-On®, and Cabela’s® Brand Rod Holders. Many customers bolt Trash Cans, Cup Holders, and Seat Bases to these sliders, the choices are limitless. We also include (4) Additional Stainless-Steel screws so you can easily mount your Rod Holders directly to the Alumaweld® Gunnel Tray Slider. We manufacture this item right here in Idaho USA and are damn proud of it.

Note: Fish Fighter™ Quick Mounts™ will bolt directly to the Alumaweld® Gunnel Tray Slider.

Kit Includes:

  • (1) Mounting Block
  • (2) Rail Holders
  • Includes (4) ¼” x ½” Stainless Assembly Screws
  • Includes (4) ¼” x 1″ Stainless Accessory Mounting Screws


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