Downrigger Weight Variable from 1lb to 8lbs

Downrigger Weight Variable
(1 to 8lbs)


· Eco-Friendly (No Lead) All-Steel Design.
· Patent Pending FFP Variable Weight System™ – Adjustable from 1lb to 8lbs.
· Removable Stainless Steel Side Plates – You Choose Flash, Or No Flash.
· (3) Connection Points For Your Down-Rigger release. (High-Middle or Low).
· (2) Adjustable Rear Rudders – 0 Degree and 10 Degree included.
· Made in Idaho, USA
· Fish Fighter 100% Money-Back Guarantee


The Patent Pending Fish Fighter™ Downrigger Weight was designed for the angler who is looking for the greatest advantage that they can gain when pursuing big fish. We designed our downrigger weights with our FFP Variable Weight System™. It is very simple to adjust this weight from 1 to 8lbs. Being able to vary the weight is just like being able to choose which size fishing rod you use. When fishing in a big river with big currents — and if you’re trolling big baits — you may want to use a large downrigger weight. When you’re trolling for spring crappie in a calm lake with small lures, you may want to run a lightweight downrigger weight.

With our Patent Pending FFP Variable Weight System ™, the more weight plates that you remove, the thinner the weight gets, and the less blow-back you get on the downrigger cable. That’s the beauty of our FFP Variable Weight System™. You get to choose the exact weight for your situation. Not only can you vary the weight, but you can also decide if you want to leave the stainless side plate on, giving the downrigger weight some flash, or you can remove it and have no flash on the weight. We also designed (2) styles of rudders that are included with each downrigger weight. You can choose to run the straight rudder so the weight will track in line with your downrigger cable, or you can run our 10deg angled rudder. Our 10deg angled rudder will cause the weight to run out from the side of the boat. Being able to run your gear out from the boat is important when trolling shallow, and you want to keep your gear out of the prop wash so you don’t spook fish. Another big advantage to using our angled rudder is that your weight and cable will swing wide of the boat during tight turns. With (3) connection points on the rudder, you can choose exactly where you want your gear to run. Our rudder is the perfect place to add flashers directly to the weight. With Fish Fighter™ Downrigger Weights, you get to make all the choices. This is a true innovation and revolution in trolling technology. Not only does our downrigger weight have adjustable features, but we also made it from steel — so it would be much better for our environment than using traditional lead weights. You can also custom paint your plates to attract whatever fish you’re after!


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(1 to 8lbs)”


Got my anchor rope bag and can’t wait to test it out. Well made product with great features for hauling enough rope to anchor on the Columbia’s deep holes!

-Jason R.