El-Dukee™ Trash Can / Toilet Combo

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El-Dukee™ Trash Can / Toilet Combo


  • Ships in 2 days!
  • Portable
  • Works great as a Trash Can for your boat
  • Works great as a Toilet
  • Made from marine grade aluminum
  • Dukee-Seat is made from High Density Plastic and lock into lid.
  • Includes 4 Gallon removable Bucket
  • Works great with or without Tall Kitchen Trash Bags.
  • Made in USA


Many people chuckle when they first see El-Dukee™ for the 1st time unless they are on a boat and need to use it. It’s no secret that having a place for ladies to go on the boat is challenging. It’s also challenging when you have a small child who needs to go, but you are either on the fish or too far from shore. Not to mention being far from shore or on anchor and the need for #2 arises. We felt there should be a better way to get the job done on the water. Enter El-Dukee™.  El-Dukee’s™ first purpose is a trash can, you can use a tall kitchen trash bag in it or the included 4-gallon plastic bucket for trash. Should nature call and a lady needs to go, she can fold down the El-Dukee™ Lid and go into the bucket. When she’s done just rinse the bucket over the side and fold the El-Dukee™ lid back into the lid. If the business to be done is more severe, you can use a trash bag to line the can, fold down the El-Dukee™ lid, do your business, tie the bag closed, and then store the deed in the bottom of the can, place a new trash bag over it and use as a trash can for the rest of the trip. The El-Dukee™ lid stores into the lid out of the way so it’s always there when you need it.


We make El-Dukee™ from high strength aluminum. The Dukee™ lid is machined from solid marine grade plastic and will support 250 lbs.

Also included is a Quick Release™ bracket that you can bolt to the side of El-Dukee™ and mount it wherever you want.

Feel free to eat and drink all you want as El-Dukee™ will be there.

El-Dukee™ is the perfect Boat Trash Can and Portable Boat Toilet all in 1 Aluminum Trash Can Toilet Combo for remote adventures.




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