Fish Fighter® Extreme Duty™ (XD) Bow Mount Anchor Nest

  • XD Bow Mount Anchor Nest
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  • Bow Mount Anchor Nest Extreme Duty
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Fish Fighter® Extreme Duty™ (XD) Bow Mount Anchor Nest


  • Ships in 2 days!
(2 customer reviews)
  • Commercial Grade for the Hardcore Fisherman designed to last for generations.
  • Patented Design (US D862,356 S)
  • Mounts to Bow with Included fasteners
  • Integrated Anchor Rest on the back of the nest prevents the anchor from marring boat finishes.
  • Fish Fighter™ Custom Locking Device prevents theft and holds anchor secure in the roughest of waters.
  • Fish Fighter™ Exclusive Self Centering Solid Core V Roller System™ helps you easily retrieve your anchor and anchor ball from almost any angle.
  • Our Anchor Nest Guides were computer designed to let anchor slide into place and stay in place.
  • Built-in Rope Guides are made out of marine grade plastic to prevent any chance of jamming or chafing the rope
  • Built-in, quick release rope cleat
  • Made from heavy-duty Military/Marine grade aluminum
  • Fish Fighter™ Exclusive CNC Machined Solid Core Bow Rollers™
  • This is the absolute best Bow Mounted Anchor Nest that you can buy.
  • Made in USA with extreme pride
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Holds 26LB Fixed and Folding , 32LB Fixed and Folding, and 40Lb Fixed Fish Fighter® Anchors and other Brands of Columbia River Style Anchors. Does not work with Fish Fighter®  40 LB Folding Anchor.

(Note) Anchoring a vessel can be very dangerous, be sure to follow all Coast Guard Recommendations.


We designed our Patented eXtreme Duty™ Bow Mount Anchor Nest (US D862,356 S) to hold our 26, 32, and 40Lb Fixed Fish Fighter® Columbia River Edition Anchors. It mounts securely to the bow using the supplied hardware.  Our XD™ Anchor Nest is made out of heavy-duty aluminum alloy and will last for generations. Anchor retrieval is made easy from almost any angle with our self-centering 4″ roller design and side load rope guides, both are custom made by us out of Marine Grade King Starboard®. We went above and beyond with this XD™ model giving it specifically designed and machined outer rollers to make retrieving your buoy and anchor as smooth as possible. To top it off, we added a quick set rope cleat on the back to quickly set your anchor rope to any length you want.

We worked hard over the last 2 years designing and perfecting the best anchor nest we could possibly make. From our locking system that will hold your anchor in place while running rapids or during that long boat ride home when your pounding wave after wave. To the computer designed V roller system that was designed to help get your anchor and anchor ball out and over the bow when you retrieve it to our rope guides and self-locking rope cleat. We hope you can see that Our XD™ Bow Mount Anchor Lock is built for the hardcore fishermen and will take anything you can throw at it.

Sold Each and comes with mounting Hardware. NOTE: Will Hold Most Brands of Columbia River Style Anchors. Will not work with FFP 40 LB Folding Anchors.

2 reviews for Fish Fighter® Extreme Duty™ (XD) Bow Mount Anchor Nest

  1. Lenny (verified owner)

    Sure there are plenty of other anchor nests in the market you can purchase, but none of them in my experience stand up to the quality, design and durability of the fish fighter anchor nest. The way the anchor locks in while sitting in the nest gives you confidence in knowing that no matter how rough of a ride you endure, your anchor will be secure. The fish fighter staff definitely had pulling the anchor in mind when they designed this product, The rope sits perfectly where it needs to and there are no sharp edges or catch points for the rope. Highly highly recommend this product, especially when it is paired with the quick mount system.

  2. Amcclary (verified owner)

    Purched and installed this nest. Install was straight foward. Wished they would have used some bolta and nylock nuts instead of pop rivets on a plate for easy bolt hole access but was still successful. Did not use their anchor I had my own and still works due to the oversized rollers and guides. This item made well and name branding is excellent. Well done fishfighter. I am not a professional or a guide I just enjoy fishing. Proud to have your name on my boat. If I could post pictures I would. Have a good one

    • Erica Rowe

      Thank you for the feedback. WE will let our team know your suggestion. Hope to see yah on the water.

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Got my anchor rope bag and can’t wait to test it out. Well made product with great features for hauling enough rope to anchor on the Columbia’s deep holes!

-Jason R.

Holy cow , just got my new Kwik-Pull , haven’t been out to try it yet, but man does it look very heavy duty, can’t wait , thanks again Fish Fighter crew

-Bruce E.