Fish Fighter® Kwik-Pull™ Anchor Retriever

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Fish Fighter® Kwik-Pull™ Anchor Retriever


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(7 customer reviews)

Fish Fighter® Kwik-Pull™ Anchor Retriever

• Can be easily installed on a set anchor line
• Designed for fresh or salt water
• Lightweight
• Made in Idaho, USA
• 100% Money-Back Guarantee
• Great for pulling crab and shrimp pots
• Works with 1/4″ to 1/2″ rope


The Fish Fighter® Kwik-Pull™ Anchor Retriever was designed by the crew at Fish Fighter® to be easily installed on your anchor line after you set your anchor out. Our simple rope channel system and one-way locking device allows you to snap the Kwik-Pull™ onto your anchor line after the anchor is deployed.

Traditional brands of anchor pullers require you to install your anchor rope through the puller before deploying the anchor. This is very dangerous because the anchor rope is whizzing through the puller in your hand while your anchor is falling. With the Fish Fighter® Kwik-Pull™ Anchor Retriever, you can deploy your anchor — and after everything is set, you just need a little slack in the Anchor Line to snap the Kwik-Pull™ Anchor Retriever on the anchor line; It’s really that easy. The Kwik-Pull™ Anchor Retriever is made from marine-grade billet aluminum, has an anodized finish, and works great in fresh or saltwater. Our innovative Locking System allows you to use ropes from 1/4″ all the way up to 1/2″ in diameter and can handle up to a 50 lb. anchor. We make this item right here in Idaho and give it the Fish Fighter® 100% Money-back guarantee. To learn more about how to use the Kwik-Pull™ Anchor Retriever, please watch our video.

7 reviews for Fish Fighter® Kwik-Pull™ Anchor Retriever

  1. Rick Brincefield (verified owner)

    Great product. The kwik pull system makes anchoring much safer and easier to deploy and retrieve anchor.

  2. Bruce E.

    holy cow , just got my new Kwik Pull, haven’t been out to try it yet, but man does it look very heavy duty, can’t wait, thanks again Fish Fighter crew

  3. Szabor

    This device is great! It’s pricey but well worth the money as it’s constructed well and simple and effective to retrieve your anchor.

  4. dkegley

    This is as advertised! Much safer to use than pullers than pullers that remain attached to the rope so you can concentrate on anchoring. Good work Fish Fighter crew!

  5. motoluver (verified owner)

    Hands down best anchor retriever on the market! Very durable. Well worth investing in this product! Super happy with mine!

  6. Lenny

    If you have very little or no experience with anchor retrievers do yourself a favor and buy this one from Fish Fighter, it is worth every penny. So easy to use and much much safer when compared to other puller’s in the market.

    • Erica Rowe

      Thanks Lenny

  7. William C Castleberry (verified owner)

    Works like a charm. Slides great and doesn’t bind up easily like other anchor pullers. I also love that you can take it completely off your anchor rope with ease. Nice product.

    • Erica Rowe

      Thank you for the feedback and thank you for purchasing from us, we appreciate it.

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Got my anchor rope bag and can’t wait to test it out. Well made product with great features for hauling enough rope to anchor on the Columbia’s deep holes!

-Jason R.

Holy cow , just got my new Kwik-Pull , haven’t been out to try it yet, but man does it look very heavy duty, can’t wait , thanks again Fish Fighter crew

-Bruce E.