Fish Fighter™ Max-Cold Cooler Tray-Yukon 70 Coolers

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Fish Fighter™ Max-Cold Cooler Tray-Yukon 70 Coolers


  • Fits Igloo Yukon® 70 Coolers
  • Removable And Easy To Clean
  • Made From Marine-Grade Aluminum
  • Storage Area Is 5-1/2” Deep x 11” Wide And 7-3/4” Long
  • Includes (1) Max Cold Re-Freezable Ice Block
  • Made In Idaho, USA


It can be difficult to preserve bait for a whole day. If bait gets too warm, it loses its natural shine and look. In an effort to keep baits as fresh as possible, we did an incredible amount of research on our bait trays and studied bait temperatures inside of coolers. What we found is that by adding a cooling source right under the tray, we could keep bait a lot fresher for a lot longer. Seems simple right? Keep the bait on ice, and it stays fresher — everyone knows that! The big concern with putting bait directly on ice is that the chlorine used in ice may contaminate your baits — Not to mention having your baits next to your food and drinks could contaminate your baits as well. By using our Max Cold® Cooler Tray you keep your bait out of the ice, away from other scents, and at an optimum temperature. With our ITD5507 Max Cold® Cooler Tray you can go from catching some of the fish, to catching all of the fish.


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