FFP Ultimate Double Braid Anchor Rope 3/8 x 300 ft.

Fish Fighter™ Ultimate Double BraidAnchor Rope 3/8 x 300 ft.


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· Available In 200ft 300ft And 600ft Lengths
· 3/8” Diameter With 4,625lb Break Strength
· Double Braid Construction Is Suited For Towing And Anchor Lines.
· Highly Resistant To Rot And Mildew
· Abrasion Resistant
· Flexible And Easy To Splice
· 100% Money-Back Guarantee


When you are looking for a premium quality anchor rope, this is it. Our FFP Ultimate Double Braid™ 3/8” Anchor Rope is the finest rope we have used. This anchor rope is made from the highest quality UV-stabilized yarn, and has a tracer line to make it easily identifiable. This premium double-braided nylon rope is very strong, yet lightweight and soft. The double-braided construction offers superior elongation properties. With its high-strength, high-stretch, and torque-free construction, this rope is ideal in applications involving shock loads. With a break strength of 4,625 lbs, this rope is significantly stronger than most ropes of the same diameter. Our Fish Fighter FFP Ultimate Double Braid™ 3/8” Anchor Line is very flexible, and easy to knot. This rope is ideal for anchoring and towing lines. It is highly resistant to rot, mildew, abrasions, and many common chemicals.

Rope selection Guidelines:
· Boat Length: 19ft to 26ft — Use FFP3875 Single Braid 3/8” Anchor Rope (2,800lb Break Strength)
· Boat Length: 27ft to 30ft — Use FFP500 Single Braid 1/2” Anchor Rope (4,200lb Break Strength)
· Boat Length: 22ft to 32ft — Use FFP Ultimate Double Braid 3/8” Anchor Rope (4,625 Break Strength)
It’s very hard to tell you what size of rope to use because of so many factors: From river currents, to the size and weight of boat you have. We recommend that you use the lightest rope, with the lowest break strength you can. The guidelines shown are just guidelines. We recommend that you give your local Coast Guard or local Boat Dealer a call, and ask them for their recommendations.


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Got my anchor rope bag and can’t wait to test it out. Well made product with great features for hauling enough rope to anchor on the Columbia’s deep holes!

-Jason R.

Holy cow , just got my new Kwik-Pull , haven’t been out to try it yet, but man does it look very heavy duty, can’t wait , thanks again Fish Fighter crew

-Bruce E.