Folbe® Advantage Rod Holder

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  • Relentless in the pursuit of big fish
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Folbe® Advantage Rod Holder


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We love the Folbe® Advantage Rod Holder so much we felt compelled to offer them to our customers. When we first used the Folbe® Quick Release™ Rod holder on a guided trip years ago. We immediately knew it was the best Rod Holder we had ever seen. Fishing with the Folbe® Quick Release™ fishing rod holder means that you can handle any striker or serious rod take down quickly and efficiently. No More Fumbling trying to get your rod out of the holder. Just reach down and lift the rod straight up out of the Folbe® Rod Holder, It’s that fast.  From light biting pike to that heavy-hitting catfish that has your rod buried, just pull straight up and you’re out in the fish fighting position. Only the best marine grade materials are used making the Folbe® Advantage Rod Holder tone of the strongest rod holders on the market. The Folbe® Advantage Rod Holder is made from non-corrosive materials with stainless hardware for fresh or saltwater use.
Depending on where and how you mount the rod holder, it can be adjusted horizontally 360° in 12 separate steps at 30° each. Vertically, the rod holder can be adjusted up to 180° in 8 separate intervals at 22.5° each.


The Folbe® Advantage holds any size Fishing Rod with Handles up to 1.5″ in Diameter. We really like it for larger Rods like our Sturgeon Rod and other offshore style rods. For Salmon Rods, Bass, Trout, and most inshore fishing we suggest that you use the Folbe® Advantage Junior.

    Kit Includes:

  • Folbe® Advantage Rod Holder
  • Side Mount Adjustable Mounting Base. (Perfect for all FFP Gunnel and Rail Mounts)


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