Large 2.5″ Receiver Mud-Flap Kit

Large 2.5″ Receiver Mud-Flap Kit


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  • Fits newer ¾ to 1-ton pickups with large 2.5″ x 2.5″ receivers
  • Adjusts up and down 17″ and side-to-side from 76″ to 102″
  • Fits all 2.5″ x 2.5″ trailer hitches
  • Works great with ALL stock or lifted pickups
  • Winner of the 2011 S.E.M.A. Global Media Award
  • Winner awarded by the nation’s top automotive magazine writers for its innovative and useful design.

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Our LR Mud Flap is a perfect way to keep road debris from flying up and hitting your trailer. The LR Mud Flap fits all larger hitches with a 2.5” x 2.5” receiver . Installation is a snap! All you do is install our LR Quick Mount to your hitch and the XD Mud Flap just slips onto the LR Quick Mount with one pin. Removing the LR Mud Flap is just as easy! Simply pull one locking pin and lift the XD Mud Flap off, no tools are needed. Our Quick Mount system allows you to easily remove the LR Mud Flap when you don’t need it. The LR Mud Flap adjusts up and down 17” and side to side from 76” to 102” making this package truly one size fits all. This package includes the complete LR Mud Flap Package as shown in the pictures. (does not include trailer hitch.) This product is proudly made in the USA. For those of you wanting to use the LR Mud Flap on different vehicles we recommend you buy extra LR Quick Mounts.


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