Max Cold Freezer Block (Large)

Max Cold Freezer Block (Large)


  • Keeps Drinks Cold
  • No mess
  • Reusable and re-freezable
  • Works with the FFP Max Cold Cooler Trays
  • Non-toxic gel inside of the block
  • Delivers extended cooling performance over  traditional ice


Plenty of cold, without the mess. Using these Max Cold® Freezer Blocks are a great way to keep items cold in your cooler. We love the fact that they are re-usable and the non-toxic Ultratherm® gel delivers extended cooling performance. Just freeze them the night before your trip and you’re good to go. For the ultimate in cooler performance, use our Max Cold® Cooler Trays, and toss few Max Cold® Freezer Blocks in the bottom of your cooler.
After using these Max Cold® Freezer Blocks, you will probably never waste time or money on ice again!


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