QRS Tiller Support Handle

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QRS Tiller Support Handle


  • Ships in 2 days!
SKU: ITD5894 Category:
  • Incredible Stability Aid that doubles as Boarding Handle
  • Mounts to any Flat Surface with included mounting hardware.
  • Handle is easy to install and remove using the included Quick Release™ System Base
  • Handle Easily locks in 8 different positions
  • Made of Marine Grade Aluminum for light weight and corrosion protection
  • Made in USA
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


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Stand Strong in Rough Waters – QRS Tiller Support Handle

The Fish Fighter® QRS Tiller Support Handle was designed to offer that little extra support & stability to keep you on your feet while running a boat with Tiller Steering. So many times, having that extra something to grab onto, can make all the difference when running in rough water, or when making that sharp turn.

Easy to use with the Quick Release™ System

After nearly 2 years of on the water testing, we feel our Tiller Support Handle with the QRS Base is ready to go into full time service. QRS stands for Quick Release™ System. Each Tiller Support Handle includes our QRS Quick Release™ System Base so you can quickly install or remove the Tiller Support Handle. You can mount the QRS Base directly to any flat surface. If you use the Fish Fighter SRS “Sliding Rail System” You can use your existing quick release mounts. What’s so great is how easy this is to remove, just pull the plunger and remove the Tiller Handle and store it out of the way.

The QRS Tiller Support Handle is Built to Last

Made from marine grade aluminum and powder coated black, our Tiller Support handle will last for generations to come. With 8 locking positions you have unlimited options to position the handle where you like it best. We also include a grease zerk to keep everything moving smooth even in saltwater conditions.

This device is made to AID you in support and is not intended to support your full weight.  This Tiller Support Handle is a stabilization aid and will offer you significant stability over not having one.  Keep in mind that the capacity of the handle is limited to the surface you mount it to.

After 2 years of testing, everyone that used this Tiller Support Handle, said they loved it and would recommend it.  Many of our customers are also using this as a Boat Boarding Handle as well as Adjustable Grab Bar. Whether you are running a flat bottom Jon Boat with a Mud Buddy, or a Big Open Sled Tiller Boat the Fish Fighter Tiller Support Handle will help bring you home. This Tiller Grab Handle is quickly replacing Boat Grab Bars due to its ability to quickly adjust.

American Made Fishing Products

Proudly made in Mountain Home, Idaho and backed by our 30-day money back guarantee. This handle will offer great stability to anyone using a tiller steered boat.


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