Quick Release™ System (QRS) Base

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  • Relentless in the pursuit of big fish
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  • Relentless in the pursuit of big fish
  • Relentless in the pursuit of big fish
  • Relentless in the pursuit of big fish
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Quick Release™ System (QRS) Base


  • Ships in 2 days!
(2 customer reviews)
  • Made from High Strength Marine Grade Plastic
  • Stainless Steel Quick Release™ Pin that can be locked in open position
  • Includes (4) 1.75” x ¼” Stainless Screws
  • Works with all Rod Mounts, Gunnel Sliders or can Be Flush mounted to any Flat Surface
  • Will also Bolt Directly to Fish Fighter™ SRS™ Rail Slider
  • Allows you to have multiple mounting positions for your Quick Release™ Accessory (QRS) or Rod Riser
  • Made in USA

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This Fish Fighter Quick Release™ Base

Many of our customers want to buy extra Quick Mount™ Bases so they can have multiple positions around the boat. We answered by offering the Quick Release™ Base by itself.  By installing extra Quick Mount™ Bases around the boat, you can quickly install a Rod Riser, Quick Release™ Fillet Table, Quick Release™ Trash Can or any of our other Quick Mount™ Accessories.

Like all of the other products that we make, this one also comes with our 30-day money back guarantee.

What’s Included:

  • Quick Release™ Base
  • (4) Stainless ¼” x 1.75″ Screws Used to Mount Quick Release™ Base


2 reviews for Quick Release™ System (QRS) Base

  1. Fred Meine (verified owner)

    Zero reviews? That’s strange because I wrote one a while back. Why did FF not post my review? It was an honest post with no improper material. Must be that FF does not want anyone to see the truth about this product.

  2. dave corigliano (verified owner)

    Works fine- Except… Just a couple ideas. The pin is indexed so it can be locked open and this can be a convenience- but given two issues I will cut the index tabs off of the locking device. 1) when locked open I caught a rope on the pin and bent it. 2) Forgot to lock the pin a number of times but the LAST time I forgot I had a huge take down and when I lifted the pole – the entire rod riser and scotty holder dropped in 30 feet of water on the Columbia. 🙂 Good by $150 bucks. Hope someone snags it. I would give up the convenience of the lock to save the loss.

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