YETI® Cooler Bait Tray – 160qt

  • YETI Bait Tray - 160qt
  • 160qt YETI Bait Tray

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YETI® Cooler Bait Tray – 160qt


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  • Fits YETI Coolers
  • Marine Grade Aluminum Construction
  • Keeps Bait or Food out of Ice and Water
  • Removable
  • Made in the USA


This Cooler Bait Tray is a perfect addition to any Yeti Cooler. We designed this bait tray so you can keep your bait from getting into your ice and ice water. As most of you know, it is best to not let your bait come in contact with chlorinated water. Fish will shy away from chlorine, and since we don’t know where our ice was made, it’s best to keep your bait separated by using the Fish Fighter™ Cooler Bait Tray. We call this our Bait Tray, but at 2” deep, it is the perfect size to hold baits, sandwiches, meat, fruits, or just about anything that you don’t want mixing in with your ice. This tray is made from marine-grade aluminum, and can be easily lifted out for access to items underneath. Also note that items in this tray will be 10 to 15 degrees warmer than if they were sitting directly on the cooler ice. If you want to keep your bait closer to freezing, we recommend you purchase our Fish Fighter™ Max Cold Bait Tray.


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