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Fillet Board on Fish Fighter Rail System


This season we saw a real need for a sturdy fillet table and work space while we were out on the boat so we set out to innovate like always. We had a couple different goals during this design, we know space is very valuable on the boat, so we had to build something that could easily be mounted and dismounted. To combat this we are coming out with models that fit right onto your FFP Rod Riser mounting blocks, or also adapt to Folbe rod holder receivers. The next goal was to make sure we could reduce space while you’re storing the table so we have folding legs to take up as little storage space as possible. When finished using the table and cleaning up we also saw some room for improvement, we gave the tables a raised marine edge on the front of the tray to keep any mess out of the boat, and then large cut out rear corners so anything can be washed right off the side of the boat. Being good friends with the guys over at Fillet Away Fish Mats and loving their product we made sure to design around their mats we made sure they fit on all our tables perfectly.

Fillet Board with Legs folded

Fillet Board Legs Down

Fillet Board with Blocks

Fillet Board Attached to Rail System