Relentless Series™ Tackle Tray 6 x 16

  • FFP Relentless Series Tackle Tray 6 x 16
  • FFP Relentless Series Tackle Tray 6 x 16
  • FFP Relentless Series Tackle Tray 6 x 16
  • FFP Relentless Series Tackle Tray 6 x 16
  • FFP Relentless Series Tackle Tray 6 x 16
  • FFP Relentless Series Tackle Tray 6 x 16

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Relentless Series™ Tackle Tray 6 x 16


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  • 7” W x 17” L (O.D.), 6” W x 16” L (I.D.)
  • Made from ½” Thick Marine-Grade Solid Plastic
  • (5) Removable Rattle-Proof Aluminum Dividers
  • Rugged Aluminum Bottom With Built-In Drain Holes.
  • Pre-Drilled Hook Holders Along Top Sides of Tray
  • Built-In Carry Handles
  • Elevated Foot Design To Let Air Get Under Bottom And Help Keep Tray Dry
  • Marine-Grade Stainless Steel Fasteners
  • Optional Plier Holder ITD5383 Will Work Perfectly With This Tray
  • Made In Idaho, USA
  • Fish Fighter™ 100% Money-Back Guarantee


We call these tackle trays our Fish Fighter™ Relentless Series™, because they were designed for those of us who are relentless in our pursuit of big fish, and demand the best in equipment to help us on our quest. Many times you only get 1 shot at that monster fish, and since ‘This isn’t no practice life’ — you owe it to yourself to get it right the first time. We designed our Relentless Series™ trays to be the absolutely best-built tackle organization trays on Earth. The Relentless Series™ Tackle Trays are perfect for keeping all of your tackle and gear organized, and easy to carry. Each tray has pre-drilled hook holders in the top side of each tray, so you can hang hooks or lures from the side of the tray. This tray has (5) adjustable aluminum dividers, so you can easily create the perfect compartment size. We designed the dividers so they won’t rattle or come loose while underway in rough water, or just driving down the road. If you want to change divider spacing, all you do is unscrew the tray bottom. Once you have the dividers where you want them, just re-install the tray bottom, and you’re done. All of the fasteners on this tray are made from marine-grade stainless steel. This Relentless Series™ Tackle Tray is truly designed to last for generations to come. At 6″ Wide and 16″ long inside dimension, this tray is the perfect size for holding bait sauces, sinkers, scissors, knives etc. All Fish Fighter™ Relentless Series™ Trays come with our 100% money-back guarantee. Stop Chasing your gear, and start chasing the fish!


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Got my anchor rope bag and can’t wait to test it out. Well made product with great features for hauling enough rope to anchor on the Columbia’s deep holes!

-Jason R.