Guide Series™ Boat Seat Box with Slide Out Drawer

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Guide Series™ Boat Seat Box with Slide Out Drawer


  • Ships in 2 days!
SKU: ITD5890 Categories: ,
  • Stores tackle boxes or other contents for easy access
  • Powder Coated Black with 4 Optional drawer colors Black-Red-Silver-Blue
  • Integrated Lock to keep contents safe and secure
  • (6) Dividers with Anti-Rattle Lock tab to help organize tackle boxes
  • Divider Slots have 1” increment adjustability
  • Slide Tray/Drawer Magnetically held open
  • Multiple mounting positions to choose which way the drawers open
  • Adjustable mounting bracket for different gunnel designs
  • Pre-Drilled holes in the bottom of the box to directly mount to the floor
  • Stainless steel Drawer Slides and hardware for harsh environments
  • Marine Grade High Performance Aluminum Construction
  • Made in USA
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Ffp Itd5890 Guide Series™ Boat Seat Box With Slide Out Drawer Flyer Doc0895

The Fish Fighter® Guide Series™ Boat Seat Box with Slide Out Drawer is a true game changer.

At least that’s what almost every person who has seen this Boat Seat Box has said. Everything at Fish Fighter® Products is about spending more time fishing and less time chasing your gear. Normal Seat Bases require you to stand up, fold the seat over, and dig through the box to get your tackle tray out. Which wastes time that could be spent fishing.

Anti-Rattle Dividers with Every Drawer

With our Guide Series™ Boat Seat Box with Slide Out Drawer you get a full slide out drawer with adjustable dividers to help you keep your tackle organized and easy to access.  The drawer features Divider Slots every 1” so you can fit just about any Plano Box, Flambeau Box or any other Tackle Storage Box in the slide out drawer. We also include (6) Dividers that have our exclusive anti rattle lock tab. This also helps all your gear stay put when hitting those big waves on the run home.

A Boat Seat Box Made For Hardcore Fishermen

This is a water resistant box, with drain holes in the drawer and the main body to allow the tackle to drain and dry after use.  We also spent the money and installed Stainless Steel Drawer Slides giving the drawer a 100 lb capacity. We didn’t stop there either; we also integrated a Magnetic Lock to hold the drawer fully open so the drawer doesn’t slide back and forth on you.

But wait, there’s more, we also installed a fully integrated locking latch so you don’t have to have padlocks (which are a pain to store and make your boat look like a vintage jail cell).

Customize Your Boat with Four Slide out Drawer Colors

Our Guide Series™ Boat Seat Box with Slide Out Drawer also comes in our Tough Coat Powder Coated Black Finish with a choice of 4 drawer colors to match your boat theme.  Pick between Black, Red, Silver or Blue Drawers for a customized look on your boat.


Easy to Mount to Any Boat

With our adjustable mounting bracket, our Boat Seat Box will work in Alumaweld Boats, Duckworth Boats, Willie Boats, Koffler, and River Wild Boats, or any boat with a flat floor.(Note: if your boat needs a special mounting bracket, please call us and ask for an engineer). If you are utilizing the Seat Base in a boat without gunnel railing, there are also pre-drilled holes in the bottom to directly secure the box to the floor. Easily add our Heavy Duty Boat Seat Base to truly make accessing this Boat Seat Box a breeze.


Made in America, and Damn Proud of It

Our intent was to build the absolute best seat base on the market that will work day in, day out, trip after trip, and we feel we hit the mark. We are so confident in this product that we offer our 30-day money back guarantee. Also, know that we build this Boat Seat Box right here in Mountain Home, Idaho by people with pride and a desire to build the best products they can.


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